River Beas

The Beas River also known as the Biás or Bias,[1][2] (Sanskrit, Vipasa; Greek, Hyphasis),[3] is a river in north India. The river rises in the Himalayas in central Himachal Pradesh, India, and flows for some 470 kilometres (290 mi) to the Sutlej River in the Indian state of Punjab.[4] Its total length is 470 kilometres (290 mi) and its drainage basin is 20,303 square kilometres (7,839 sq mi) large. The river was also known as Arjikuja of the Vedas, or Vipasha to the ancient Indians, and the Hyphasis to the Ancient Greeks.[6] It is said that Beas is a misnomer for Vyasa (exchange of B with V and always truncation of the last vowel is common in North Indian languages) and is named after Veda Vyasa, the presiding patron of the river; he is said to have created it from its source lake, the Vyas Kund

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